A waterfall is leaping water, the natural movement of which can change the shape of stone.

How We Can Help

  • Belonging, Dignity, and Liberation (aka DEI).
  • Organizational change work, particularly around racial and disability justice.
  • Disability Justice audits and evaluations.
  • Supporting organizations in moving away from hierarchical structures.
  • Co-creating housing justice through a disability justice and racial equity lens.
  • Updating organizational policies to reflect social justice goals.
  • We offer trainings, workshops, and institutional change work.

Some Groups We Have Worked With

  • Northwest Health Foundation
  • Living Cully/Verde
  • Portland Community College
  • Fireweed Collective
  • Metro
  • L’Arche
  • The Curiosity Paradox
  • C(3)PO Houseless Villages
  • Interfaces, Austin TX
  • Prosper Portland
  • Brown Girl Rise
  • Philanthropy Northwest
  • Ori Gallery
  • Calling Up Justice
  • The Justice Producers’ Collaborative
  • Catalyst Consulting

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Image Description: Two Black and disabled friends meet up at a restaurant. In the center, one friend stands while using his black and gold cane. He has a dark brown afro, black tank top, pink shawl, and blue jeans. On the left, the other friend sits at a table with menus while holding their phone. They have blonde hair and a black shirt and joggers on. -Dice Bundy for Disabled And Here

In pre-pandemic times, we might meet up with clients in a cafe to plan for their work. Now we use Zoom to meet up. which is a boon for Disabled folks who can’t get out of bed. With the right facilitation, the same warmth and connection comes through.


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