A waterfall is leaping water, the natural movement of which can change the shape of stone.

Our Team

Rebel (he/him/his pronouns) is a Disabled, fat, survivor femme witch. He is a light skin multiracial person with Black, French, Irish, Roma, Persian, and German ancestry. He has lived with pain since 1994 and considers pain to be a generative force in his creative practice.

Rebel has spent the past 18+ years studying, practicing, and reflecting on social justice issues, actively participating in equity and inclusion work in a variety of contexts for the past 15+. As a multiracial, disabled, nonbinary, zami, and historically very low income person, he identifies as an occupant of liminal, between-worlds, and crossroad spaces in the United States. This helps him hold dialectical tensions and bridge varying perspectives while building relationship with his collaborators.

Rebel landed with Disability Justice (DJ) consulting because DJ encapsulates all forms of liberation in its “commitment to cross-movement organizing” and intersectionality. It is also a rich culture that is widely lacking  in our communities and deeply needed.

Rebel considers himself a healer of his lineage: generational curses are real, generational trauma is real. His role is to heal those traumas and break those curses. He has committed his life work to social change and transformation in order to heal the wounds of oppression in his family and his communities.

Rebel is an uninvited settler on the forcibly ceded lands of the Chinook, Cowlitz, and Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde in so-called Portland, Oregon USA.

Image Description: A light skin Black, European, Persian, and Roma person with clear glasses, graying black curly hair and a pink and yellow head scarf sits in front of his tuxedo cat, who is also looking into the camera.

Image Description: A photograph of a young adult named Deanna Yadollahi. Deanna is outdoors in front of a trees, plants, an Orange flower, and blue sky, and is smiling. Deanna has light brown skin and short, partially shaved, curly hair with side bangs. Deanna is wearing a light pink tie dye top and a colorful floral kimono.

Deanna Parvin Yadollahi (they/them) is a fatDisabledneurodivergentmad, non-binary, diasporic mixed-race Iranian and Toltec-Mexican community activist, organizer, and dog parent with 8 years of disability justice scholar-art-activism about collaboratively undoing ableism and intersecting oppressions, especially as it relates to collective accessibility. They hope to enact institutional change and radical reimagination that will lead to more supportive and just realities by community-building, resource-creating, presenting, writing, and via Deanna’s Creative Access Consulting practice. Their work is based in deep appreciation for disability justice, which is intersectional and calls for cross-movement solidarity as well as community-advocated accessibility practices. Deanna studied Disability Studies at the graduate level, and most highly values knowledge that is co-created within their communities. Deanna acknowledges, with respect, that they are a settler on the unceded, traditional lands of the Kizh Nation. They support the LandBack movement, Climate Justice, acknowledging historic oppression and intergenerational trauma, and dismantling its continuations today. At this time, you can visit Deanna’s working draft website (bit.ly/D-Y-Scholarship)!


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