A waterfall is leaping water, the natural movement of which can change the shape of stone.

Roux Haile

Image Description: A Black gender expansive person wearing a maroon collared shirt and gray vest looks to the left of the camera. They appear to be fabulous.

Born in San Francisco, I’ve called Portland, Or home since 2006. After quitting art school to become a gogo-dancer, I began teaching youth art classes and entered the nonprofit sector, concurrently getting my tattoo license in 2012. I ran an independent tattoo practice for 6 years, before joining Constellation Tattoo Collective in the summer of 2020, focusing on communities excluded from tattooing because of colonization, misogynoir, and ableism. A community educator, organizer and general rabble-rouser, I am always open to working collaboratively with liberation-minded folks!

You can follow their projects at LeilaHaile.com


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